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Dr. Anthony Cohn

Dr. Anthony Cohn has been a Consultant Paediatrician since 1999. He trained in many London hospitals including Great Ormond Street Hospital, and completed training in both paediatrics and neonatology. He has an interest in looking at the child and family as a whole, taking into account not just the physical problems but understanding the relationship between these and overall emotional well being and their impact on living. A particular aspect of this is working with constipation and continence issues, about which he has written a highly acclaimed book and published numerous articles.

As well as spending many years studying neonatology, he spent many months being a ‘neonatal’ parent.

Books by Dr. Anthony Cohn

Don't panic, you are having a baby

Don't panic, you are having a baby

Short Description
This book covers normal and abnormal pregnancies, antenatal testing, delivery, what to expect from newborn babies, prematurity, neonatal care and other issues such as sleep, immunisations and the crying baby.
Author: Dr. Anthony Cohn
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