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Iftikhar Khawaja

Iftikhar Khawaja was teaching Neurology in the nineties to the postgraduate doctors aspiring to specialize as Neurologists as fellows of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan. He was also an examiner for FCPS (Neurology).

He was closely associated with medical publishing in the nineties as Editor of JPIMS (Journal of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences). He has written articles on stroke, headache and fits and another book titled “Understanding Neurology” He believes in using plain language and in the past has written medical articles in the lay press. In the recent years he has been demonstrating, what he calls “the art of deduction in Neurology” at the bedside to medical students and junior doctors. The format of this book reflects his teaching style.

Dr Khawaja lives with his wife in Whitley Bay in the North East of England. They have two sons. Currently he works as a Stroke physician in the NHS. In his spare time he plays the sitar and golf.

Books by Iftikhar Khawaja

Tricks of the Trade in Neurology

Tricks of the Trade in Neurology

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This little book should act as a kick start for the novice.

Author: Iftikhar Khawaja
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