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Kamal El-Atrebi

Dr.Kamal is a consultant physician and hepatologist, who lives in Egypt and likes to travel. He has 3 children and enjoys reading, walking and swimming. He is also interested in writing. He spent his training between Egypt and UK hospitals. He succeeded in MRCP PACES exam when it was no concise book directed his clinical practice. He teaches many PACES candidates who followed his footsteps and get through the exam easily. Dr.Kamal wrote this book to be internationally published looking for helping more other candidates.

Books by Kamal El-Atrebi

Quest for Eden

MRCP Clinical Exams – PACES (Basic Clinical Skills)

Short Description
This book is for teaching basic clinical skills and has been written for MRCP PACES Exams, by the author who was himself a PACES candidate. He has also taught many MRCP candidates.
Author: Kamal El-Atrebi
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