New Authors

We are looking for new authors who want to write a book - particularly about health or human issues.

If you are planning a book, or have already written a book, please contact us to discuss your project and how we can help you get into print as easily as possible - and at NO COST TO YOU.

Our aim is to help you get into print without any cost to the author. We will then pay you (the author) a royalty on any book or e-book that is sold through Whiteley Publishing Ltd. Also, when you publish through Whiteley Publishing, you keep the copyright to your work - we just get you published and get your career as an author underway!

If you have already written a book, or are writing a book, we would be very happy to review it, confidentially. We would prefer this to be sent to us in electronic format, to enable us to edit it and, if you wish, to have it published with the minimum of fuss.

Provided we feel it is suitable, we will send you an agreement for you to read through and sign if you wish to proceed. However, as with all publishing, the responsibility of ensuring that your manuscript is your own work and is not plagiarised will reside with yourself as the author.

If you have a story that you wish to tell, and you think that it is something that would be of interest, please ask us about our ghostwriting service. We will be happy to discuss your idea with you and, if we agree about the subject matter and agree there is a market for the story, we will send you a contact proposal for our ghostwriting service where you still receive a royalty for each book or e-book sold through Whiteley Publishing Ltd.