Whiteley Publishing book club

Whiteley Publishing makes it simple for you to run a successful book club event.

An increasing number of our books now have book club notes. These are free to download and can be printed off from our website and sent to members for the club before an event. All of our books are widely available through online booksellers such as Amazon, our own website and also better high street stores.

Enjoy having our books and book club notes as part of your book club!

Do you run a book club? Are you a member of a book club?

If you have answered β€˜yes’ to either of these questions, then the chances are that you are always looking for a book to review with your club. At Whiteley Publishing, we ask our authors to write book club notes, in order to make our books more accessible to groups such as yours. Each author writes the questions about the subtopics which lie within their stories, giving you and your fellow readers the depth into the novels, thus leading to great debate and discussion.

Please click on the link on each of our books to download the pdf documents, discuss the books with your friends and then let us know how you get on!

We always like feedback or suggestions of other discussion topics or questions about our books!